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Crazy Jack Sesame Seeds 100g

£0.02 per g

Crazy Jack Sesame Seeds 100g

  • These Organic sesame seeds are hulled the ancient way – naturally and gently without using any nasty chemicals, giving them their delicate colour and moreish flavour.

    Sprinkle generously over salads or use them to liven up your casseroles and stir fries with an extra special little crunch.

  • Energy 2696 kJ / 652 kcal  
    Protein 23g  
    Carbohydrate 6g  
    of which sugars 1.6g  
    Fat 58g  
    of which saturates 8.7g  
    Fibre 7.1g  
    Sodium 0.1g
  • Only delicious Organic Sesame Seeds

  • Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Once opened reseal and consume within one month.