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Eco laundry egg- Wash your clothes without powder or liquid !

Hypoallergenic and very low cost

54 wash pack


  • The ecoegg laundry egg is the revolutionary new way to wash your clothes. It completely replaces washing powder or liquid and is just as effective but will save you so much money.

    It is fragrance free and suitable for all fabrics.

    Up to 54 wash pack

    - Saves you so much money - - Hypoallergenic - great for sensitive skin, supported by Allergy UK - Eco-friendly - great for the environment, no harsh chemicals, far less pollution

    Easy to use Simply place the Ecoegg laundry egg on top of your laundry in the drum of your washing machine and wash as normal ; no washing powder or liquid needed.

    It's not magic - it's science The Ecoegg laundry egg is packed with our unique scientifically forumlated, hypoallergenic cleaning pellets. These pellets naturally activate in the water to gently lift away dirt and grime, without using any harsh chemicals.

    It works - it's proven to remove dirt and grime The ecoegg is scientifically proven in one of the UK's leading product test laboratories to remove dirt, grime and stains.

    Hypoallergenic - great for sensitive skin The ecoegg is supported by both Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society.

  • The ecoegg pellets are non toxic and do not contain any harsh petrochemicals, enzymes or phosphates.

    Contains more than 30% Anionic surfactants. 15%-30% non-ionic surfactants.