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Goji Berry Powder 250g


Grown in China

Lycium barbarum (Wolfberry)


Goji Berry Powder

  • Grown in China


    The goji berry originates in Asia and has been cultivated by Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan people for over 5000 years. The small densely branched tree thrives in alkaline soils and can be found today growing wild in mountainous areas throughout Asia and Europe. According to ancient Chinese medicine, eating goji berries can increase longevity, strength and libido; traditional eastern medicine recommends the berries of the goji tree for the treatment of various ailments as well as generally increased vitality, and due to its bright red colour, the goji berry is considered to be a potent tonic for the blood, liver and kidneys.

    The goji tree is a hardy plant and tolerates climatic extremes in its native Himalayan range, from winter lows of – 26°C to summer highs of up to 40°C . Trees begin to produce berries after 2 years of growth, and bloom with small, white trumpet shaped flowers before bearing fruit each autumn.

    Ancient legend credits a daily diet of goji berries for the longevity of the Chinese herbal master Li Quing Yuen, who it is told lived to be 252, and the goji tree itself can live for many hundreds of years.





    Typical Values per 100g


    Energy                                      309 kcal    1305 KJ

    Protien                                      11.1g

    Fat                                            2.6g

    of which saturates                    0.8g

    of which mono-saturates          1.0g

    of which poly-unsaturates         0.8g


    Carbohydrate                           53.4g

    of which sugars                        53.2g

    Fibre                                         14g

    Soduim                                     7.62mg



    Quantity per 100g











    Vitamin B2





    Vitamin B1





    Vitamin C





    Vitamin E







    303 UMTE/g