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Kate's Originals Classic Muesli No Nuts 500g

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Dairy Free
Dairy Free

Kate's Originals Classic Muesli

  • My Classic Müesli provides the perfect nutritious and delicious breakfast and nourishing round-the-clock healthy snack. I enjoymy Classic Müesli served with cold organic milk or soaked overnight for a gentler start to the day. This recipe also makes a perfect Swiss-style Bircher müesli base, as created by renowned SwissPhysician Dr Bircher-Benner. Just add orange juice, natural organic yoghurt and a selection of fruit such as grated apples, pears and fresh berries to the 14 ingredients

  • Jumbo oats, regular oats, apricots, sultanas, barley flakes, apple pieces, rye flakes, dates, linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sesame seeds, hemp seeds. 37% fruit and seeds. 100% organically grown ingredients.