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Large Fruit & Vegetable


9 different types of seasonal vegetables and salad lines with the addition of 5 fruit lines specially selected each week

Large Fruit & Vegetable Box

  • This week's contents 21 - 25 August 

    Carrots (GBR)

    Kale (GBR)

    Sweetcorn (GBR)

    Courgette (GBR)

    Fennel (GBR)

    Vine Tomatoes (NLD)

    Leeks (GBR)

    Green Beans (GBR)

    Onions (GBR)

    Apples (GBR)

    Bananas (DOM)

    Plum Victoria (GBR)

    Pears Williams (ITA)

    Pineapple (COS)