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Montezuma's Dark Side Milk Chocolate 100g

£0.02 per g
Gluten Free
Gluten Free

Montezuma's Milk Chocolate 54%

  • "This is another unique Monty's recipe boasting a massive 54% cocoa in milk chocolate. This organic milk chocolate sits comfortably somewhere on the dark side of any milk chocolate planet and I am certain it will satisfy the most demanding chocolate lover. I call it sophisticated milk chocolate and have never had anyone say they didn't like it - well, not to my face!" -Simon Pattinson, Co-founder 

    54% Cocoa

  • May contain nut traces - Contains dairy - Vegetarian - Free from: Gluten, GM, colouring and preservatives - Organically grown - Organic Certification UK5

  • Min. cocoa solids 54% Ingredients: Organic cocoa solids (54%), organic sugar (32%), organic whole milk powder (14%), organic vanilla (<1%) & organic soya lecithin

  • Montezuma's

    "We started Montezuma's, our little chocolate business, in 2000 with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring...