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Montezuma's White Chocolate Buttons 180g

£0.02 per g
Gluten Free
Gluten Free

Montezuma's White Giant Buttons

  • "The sweet balance in white chocolate should be in favour of beautiful organic vanilla, which if you look closely can be seen in the chocolate. Yes it's sweet, but even if the white stuff isn't normally your thing you may want to give this a go! Since 2000 when we started Montezuma's, we have received huge praise and many awards, which means nothing unless you enjoy it." 

    Organic White Chocolate Giant Buttons
  • Contains dairy - Made in a factory where nuts are used regularly - Organic & vegetarian - Free from: Gluten, GM, colouring and preservatives - Organically grown - GB Organic certification 5

  • Organic Sugar (45%), Organic Cocoa Butter (29%), Organic Whole Milk Powder (25%), Organic Ground Vanilla & Organic Soya Lecithin

  • Montezuma's

    "We started Montezuma's, our little chocolate business, in 2000 with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring...