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Mrs Mack's Organic Poppy Seed Dressing 200ml

Mrs Mack's

Produced in Britain

Mrs Mack's Organic Poppy Seed Dressing

  • This handmade organic poppy seed dressing is quite unique.

    Not only is it delicious poured straight onto salad or your favourite cheeses but it also doubles up as a marinade for fish and chicken. 

    All the ingredients of this sophisticated dressing are 100% organic.

  • Sunflower Oil

    Balsamic Vinegar

    Golden Granulated Sugar

    Poppy Seeds

    Onion Juice

    Mustard Powder

    Sea Salt (none organic)

  • Mrs Mack's

    The history of Mrs Mack's Organic Poppy Seed Dressing is that the recipe came from a cousin living in Texas, 30 years ago. They have adapted...