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Chlorella Tablets 500g


Grown in China

Approximately 1000 tablets

Chlorella Tablets

  • Chlorella is a great source of protein – over 50% of its dry weight  – as well as conferring many health benefits due to its high content of chlorophyll and other vitamins and nutrients.

    The high levels of chlorophyll in chlorella have led to it becoming a popular component of detoxing regimes, as it is believed that chlorella can bind to heavy metals within the intestinal tract, allowing them to be safely excreted from the body.  Chlorella also contains the carotenoid polymer sporopollenin within its cell walls, which studies suggest is able to absorb toxins and helps chlorella to remove further poisonous elements from the body.


    Typical Values per 100g


    Energy                                 343 kcal    1448 KJ                                    

    Fat                                        7.8g

    of which saturates                3.1g

    of which mono-saturates      2.5g

    of which poly-unsaturates     2.2g

    Protein                                 61.3g                                  

    Carbohydrate                       6.9g

    of which sugars                    1.6g   

    Fibre                                     16.1g          

    Soduim                                 0.08g






  • Amino Acids  Typical Values per 100g

    Alanine                                3.37g

    Arginine                               4.22g

    Aspartic Acid                       3.53g

    Glutamic Acid                      6.6g

    Glycine                                3.34g

    Histidine                              1.17g

    HO-Proline                          2.76g

    Isoleucine                            2.98g

    Leucine                                5.27g

    Lysine                                  3.68g

    Methionine                           0.89g

    Proline                                 2.76g

    Serine                                  2.38g

    Theronine                            3.12g

    Tryptophan                          2.82g

    Tyrosine                              2.75g

    Valine                                  2.59g




    Minerals Typical Values per 100g

    Calcium                               3.3mg/g

    Phosphorus                         12.1mg/g

    Iron                                      2.1mg/g

    Iodine                                  10mcg/g

    Magnesium                          3.6mg/g

    Lead                                    Max 2.0 ppm

    Mercury                               Max 0.05 ppm

    Zinc                                     2.1mg/g

    Vitamin A                            4623IU/g

    Vitamin B1                          12.9mcg/g

    Vitamin B2                          31mcg/g

    Vitamin B3                          0.59mg/g

    Vitamin B6                          9.6mcg/g

    Vitamin B12                        0.5mcg/g

    Vitamin C                            26.4mcg/g

    Vitamin E                            89ug/g

    Vitamin H                            1mcg/g