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Spaghetti La Terra E Il Cielo - Wholegrain Spelt 500g

£0.01 per g

La Terra E Il Cielo Spelt Spaghetti

  • La Terra E Il Cielo Organic Spelt Spaghetti.

    Only the finest durum wholewheat grain is selected to be made into this pasta, using pure spring water from the foothills of the Gran Sasso d'Italia.

    The traditional process of drying at low temperatures preserves the protein content to provide a nutritional product of the highest quality, for you to serve at your table.

  • Nutritional Info/100g:

    Energy - 1490kJ/356 kcal

    Protein - 12.5g

    Carbohydrate - 73.0g

    Fat - 1.6g

  • Add Pasta to boiling water in an open pan and cook for approx. 7 minutes depending on the shape until tender but firm for that perfect "al dente" texture. Drain and add sauce.