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Rude Health Spelt Flakes 300g

£0.01 per g
No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar
Low Salt
Low Salt

Rude Health Spelt Flakes

  • Spelt has been hailed as a super-food. It's a great alternative to wheat, and keeps you satisfied for longer than other grains. Actually, we just love it for the taste. Spelt doesn't need salt or sugar to make it delicious: it's great just as it is. That's why our spelt flakes are so simple. We steam, roll and toast organic spelt grains. Then we chuck them in a bag. That's it.

  •  per 100gEnergy           342 kcal 1450 kJ  Protein 12gCarbohydrates     68.5g of which sugars             0.5g Fat  2.2g of which saturates 0.5g Fibre  8.9g Sodium  <0.01g

  • Spelt flakes , natural sunflower lecithin (0.2%)

    • No added salt
    • No added sugar
    • Wholegrain 
    • High in fibre 
    • Low fat 
    • Non-GM
    • Kosher

    Contains: Spelt (an ancient form of wheat) 
    Recipe: No nuts
    Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free
    Factory: Before making this cereal, the equipment was used to make foods containing nu