Our Growers, Producers and Suppliers

Here are some of the farms around the UK where we source our organic fruit and vegetables:

Langridge Organics in Devon

Brussel sprouts, beetroot, potatoes, all kinds of cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, leeks, marrow, kale, swede, spring greens and runner beans.

Gold Hill farm in Dorset

Spinach, lettuce and celery.

Pam in Strawberry Fields Norfolk

Celery and lovely varieties of lettuce.

Sky Sprouts in Devon

A great selection of sprouted seeds, capel mushrooms in Essex. Damian and Patrick Hearne‘s all year round mushrooms.

John Hurd Watercress in Wiltshire


Steve Haslem in Tewkesbury

Tomatoes and cucumbers.

Mole End farm Maidstone Kent

All types of English apples and pears.

Andy Ward of Ivy House farm near Canterbury in Kent

Marrow, squashes and pumpkins.