Soil Association Free Range Eggs

When you know what a battery farm looks, sounds and smells like, the choice between free range organic and battery farm produced eggs is simple.

The Soil Association approved eggs are guaranteed to come from happier hens, resulting in a richer taste, and of course the chickens are fed on a strictly organic diet. The hens are free to roam inside and outside in flocks of no more than five to eight hundred chickens. It’s no wonder their eggs cost more. But we’re paying for peace of mind, knowing that these small farmers can continue to farm in a way that is healthier, more humane, ethical and sustainable.

Mass produced eggs come from flocks of thousands of birds who receive no daylight, have no room to move, have their beaks and feet clipped, are fed on non-organic diets and given regular hormone treatment to allow them to live at such inhumane densities.